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Post  sprouta on Fri 12 Nov - 16:59

Seems to be working;) yay. So im not the pro@ being motivated but I WILL say that there is no way I could hit the road for a run without some jammin music
I love live fit women but typically I've grown to have an urge for music to fill my soul with on a run
And its absolutely vital to propel me into" the zone" ..wishing it weren't getting so cold b/c im thinking back fondly to my summer runs:/.. winter motivation anyone? I find it hard just to get changed into workout clothes when its freezing cold out, let alone expose my body to it. I suppose I just don't have the right layering clothes,nor do I wanna spend the money on them:(


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Post  Sarah on Wed 10 Nov - 7:47

I don't want to say that I am new to the whole "Getting Motivated" idea, but in a since I am. I use to think that there was no reason to run, unless you were being chased Smile

My roommate is a runner and several of my friends as well. She always told me she had to go for a run and she would feel so much better and that she felt guilty if she skipped a run. I really never understood that. She used to ask my to run 5ks with her and I would no way would I be able to run 3 miles. Some how...some way, she 'tricked' me into signing up for a Half Marathon. I don't know how I went from not wanting to run a 5k to running a half marathon, but I think it had to do with a little something called motivation.

I am not the runner, I hated running (sometimes I still do) and never in a million years did I think I would be running as much as I am now. No one else thought that either. I think this is what really got me going. I started the training and I could not believe how much I was enjoying it! I would hit my long runs and feel amazing afterwards! Some of my friends are still shocked (and impressed) that I went from one end...of hating the other end of running races.

Although I am still trying to find my niche in running and enjoy it, without having to sign up for races all the time... I am finding motivation here and there. The doubts of others, the surprise on their face and just the overall way I feel after a good run; right now these are the things that are motivating me to get out there.


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Post  Brandice on Tue 9 Nov - 13:16

Hi there! I am your Pen Pal Member down in Florida sunny

My motivation is the competition that I have with myself, constantly trying to improve from my last workout. Each time I improve I am even more motivated to push it to the next level.

I also value health and fitness and I try to be an example to those around me... working hard (practicing what I preach) keeps my life consistent with my values.

My Pastor also mentioned that he feels that spiritual discipline is connected to how well we disciple our bodies and that is very motivating because I need all of the help I can get!

I am looking forward to hearing what others have to say Very Happy


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Post  Michelle on Sun 7 Nov - 16:11

When I think about who motivates me the first person that comes to mind is my father. I have never met anyone else with such incredible work ethics and drive. He once told me when he does something it's not only done right but at 110% effort.

I think my father has provided me with that constant determination in all walks of my life. If I am struggling with something to be strong, that I can put my mind to anything, and to never ever be afraid of failing.

My second two motivators are my husband and daughter. I feel that it is my main calling in life to put my family first above all else. To make sure they are always properly taken care of. By remaining fit and healthy I can continue to always have the strength and energy to properly care for them.

My last motivator is Christ. He has placed me on this earth for a purpose. I continue to wait for him to revel to me what that purpose might be. In the mean time he has blessed me with the contentment to accept where he has placed me at the current moment no matter what the circumstance. He has given me the desire to strengthen my faith so I can better serve him today and in the future. "Work as if you were doing it for the lord." Colossians 3:23


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