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Michelle's New Years Resolution Empty Michelle's New Years Resolution

Post  Michelle on Fri 31 Dec - 17:23

It's funny, so much hype is placed on resolutions and things usually die off around the second or third week of January. With this in mind I try to keep my resolutions realistic. I know that I am not going to grow an eight pack over night or run a 17:45 5k this year because for me it's just not realistic. (Although my best friend did and I congratulate her on having the fastest 5k time in her age group in the state of Florida. Love you Kristen.)

What is realistic then for me? Well I just dusted off my runners log from last January and seemed to find my goals from last year. I always tell myself every year ok this is the year where I actually am going to log every single workout. Ah, someday right. My 2010 resolutions read: crunches everyday, run 20-25miles each week during the winter, and loose 6lbs before my next baby. I love looking back and seeing how I progressed. I would say that they all were extremely realistic for me and that I was actually able to go above and beyond my goals. I ended up competing in the subway challenge series, running some consistent 5k's, loosing my weight, and well I did crunches but honestly not everyday! My husband also turned me into a huge lifting junkie. It may be right up there with running for me these days!

The reality of it all is that without God I wouldn't have accomplished any of my goals. He makes all things possible and I was able to see this year where he really wants me in his plan. I wouldn't be sitting here writing to you ladies who have joined live fit if it wasn't for him.

He is my motivator and through challenges I have faced and overcame this year I have truly seen how powerful and awesome he really is. I am going to really keep God in mind this year as I begin to plan my goals for 2011.

So what are they? Good question. I think they go way beyond the workout spectrum. I think I got that covered these days. Workout wise: Having a baby in May and planning to nurse I know that I won't be hitting any intense workouts until end of summer or even fall. I just want to keep my base with both lifting and running. That way when I am ready to get back into the swing of things it won't take me so darn long this time. Spiritually: I want to strengthen my relationship with the lord and continue to allow him to use me according to his plan. Family wise: well my husband and I are working on our list and I think really just pouring out my love for both my husband and my children, always putting them first in my life. Career wise: Becoming and ACE certified personal trainer and watching Live Fit grow in numbers!

With a sigh of relief there you have it my 2011 goals set into place. I will take a glance every so often at them and try to keep myself on track when things get chaotic. It may be cheesy but hey it's how I roll Very Happy Thank you Lord for a blessed year and I wish everyone blessings in the New Year!


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Michelle's New Years Resolution Empty Re: Michelle's New Years Resolution

Post  Brandice on Sun 16 Jan - 12:24

Awesome goals! I can't wait for you to get your certification. I am constantly pinching myself that the Lord has allowed me to do ministry in the area of my passion.

Congrats on Baby 2! I know Moms around you will be anxious to glean from all the lessons you are learning.


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