Brandice's New Years Resolutions

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Brandice's New Years Resolutions Empty Brandice's New Years Resolutions

Post  Brandice on Sun 16 Jan - 12:31

In 2010 I finally reached my goals from a body composition/weight stand point. By making small, sustainable changes I am not afraid of gaining weight back and I know that this has truly become a life style for me.

In 2011 I desire to learn how to live in maintenance. After 15 years of always being on a diet, it can be scary to increase my intake... but it is now about being fueled and feeling my best so that I can help others.

I pray that I can hear the Lord's direction this year and that he can give me a message for women to show them how to step outside of the media's ideals and look to Him for affirmation. This is a journey that I am on myself and I still have quite a bit of ground to cover.

My husband and I are also talking about starting a family and I am petrified, so I am focusing on turning my anxieties over to the Lord. This year will be about trusting Him in a deeper level than ever before.

I guess that is my decades resolution Very Happy


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Brandice's New Years Resolutions Empty Re: Brandice's New Years Resolutions

Post  Michelle on Tue 1 Mar - 8:26

Thanks for sharing, I love how you want to show women how to step outside the media's ideals and look to the Lord for approval.

Also, sharing what most women are constantly on an uphill battle with each and every day. Diets. Blah. You have proven that it is possible to maintain healthy body composition with the right tools, time and effort. The fact that you are not afraid to regress back to your old habits is outstanding. I hope that I can get there someday:)

Lastly, Congrats on taking the next step with your family. Children are truly a gift from God. It can be very scary. But by finding support in your husband, family, and most importantly the Lord you can tackle anything!

By openly expressing your fears about taking this next step with your family will really help you in the long run. It's funny because as I am about to have my second child and am feeling similar. I think anytime we have a major change in life we all are feeling scared inside. You are just way better at expressing it and giving it to the Lord. I may have to add that to my list of resolutions:)

Have a great Day!


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